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Hi, I’m Meridith and I’m a survivor of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. I started this blog as a place to process my feelings, in hopes of healing my heart and connecting with other survivors. To remind myself  and other survivors that we are not alone. During the beginning stages of this blog I started the #MyTruthAssignment. I am taking or having a photo taken of myself for 365 days.  I want to put a face on the reality of what living life as an adult survivor looks like. Sometimes happy, angry, anxious or sad and often numb. I am here to share my stories and inspirations with you. To use my voice and tell my truth. To ride the waves of grief and pain and share my journey with you. I will often touch on issues surrounding women’s bodies in the media, sexual and physical violence towards women and men and gender stereotypes.

This is a forum of honest, thoughtful topics with a productive comments section that supports people. Any display of hate, violence, sexism or racism will not be tolerated.


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