by msisaacs25


A 30 min Dr visit with two lab tests cost me $402 after my insurance paid out at UW. I’m a self payer of health insurance. It cost me $238.53 a month to have a basic plan with a $6300 dollar deductible. It’s a fairly bare bones policy and I’m a healthy person so it generally works. This time not so much. There is something incredibly wrong with a system that doesn’t make working for yourself or owning a small business as incentivized as working for an employer with a cadillac insurance policy. Where does the small business owner fit into this picture? You know small business that thing all politicians say is the backbone of America. What about us? Why should we be penalized and have to pay more than someone who has an employer paid policy? Why when we are paying higher tax brackets than large business comparable to our gross income, should we also have to pay more in health insurance because we are smaller? So, smaller is worth less? My dollars don’t hold the value that say Amazon’s does? I’m over it.